Tattoo Demonstration by Mark Corliss Beyond the Tattoo

03 Jul Tattoo Demonstration by Mark Corliss Beyond the Tattoo

Tattoo Artist Mark Corliss will be demonstrating his technique as he works with his clients in the Museum throughout the day on July 12.  Beyond the Tattoo presents the work of Mark Corliss that reflects his love of the traditional Japanese design.  The show exhibits photos of Corliss’s full-body Japanese style tattoos on both men and women clients and their stories about why they chose these tattoos..
Beyond the decorative tattoo, Corliss has also used his artistic skills at shading, coloring and adding dimension with ink beneath the skin to create life-like nipples for women who have had mastectomies.  A photo of the 3D life-like nipple tattoos on a woman following a mastectomy is also in the exhibit.
Once considered the mark of sailors, bikers and rebels, tattoos are now found on the bodies of all ages in all walks of life.  The sharing of practices and styles from Japan to Europe and the Americas has led to an explosion of artistic expression that has been recognized in major museums.
For over 20 years, Corliss has immersed himself in the traditional tattoo art of the Japanese culture:  “I was instantly drawn to magic and mystery of Japanese style imagery. It relies so much on nature, the elements and seasons with endless possibilities. Every piece tells a story some more evident than others but in the end the most important aspect is balance.  It’s all about the balance.”  He has created thousands of large body tattoos from his own imagination or built on images his clients have requested.
What sets Corliss apart from his peers is that he has also worked with over 400 women who have had mastectomies.  He does this for no charge, because he says “When you see how it helps women, makes them feel whole again, and see that art can be used to help heal, it’s a good thing.”
In a recent Cape Cod Health News article, Dr. Michael Loffredo, a Hyannis plastic surgeon with whom Corliss has worked said, “Mark plays a big role in the reconstruction process.  It’s the finishing step on a long journey that begins with the mastectomy and builds toward restoring the breast to be as natural as possible.”
One client expressed her gratitude saying, “The tattooed nipples allowed closure and after my children they were the best gift.”
On ARTfull Thursday July 12, Corliss will be tattooing in the Museum throughout the day.
This exhibit opens visitors to the intersection of art and health and the future ways art may be used to contribute to a healthy life.
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