A Painter’s Journey – From Italy to Cape Cod

24 Mar A Painter’s Journey – From Italy to Cape Cod

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This retrospective of Paul Moro’s art takes you on a journey from Italy to Greenwich Village and the Bronx to Peekskill, New York and finally to Boston and Cape Cod.

Moro, who died in 1953. At the time, his works were not very well known. Most remained within his family.

MoroOver the years, his descendants became increasingly committed to creating a collection spanning 45 years of Moro’s creative energies and sharing them with the public.

In a newly published monograph of Moro’s works, his family wrote: “Although most of us scarcely knew him, he greatly influenced our lives through his art… His paintings gave us insight inot his life and time and inspired a love of art that has propelled a number of us into careers in the art world.

“His facility with the brush and his ability to capture effects of light with summary touches of color, with speed and incisiveness, taught us to appreciate the power of paint and value it in other artists. Those like Diego Velazques, Rembrant ant van Rihn and Vincent Van Gogh excited us in their ability to make magic with paint, to create a complex with an incisive twist of a loaded brush and a vibrant juxtaposition of colors.”

DSCN9340 (2)Now, Moro’s works are being exhibited – many for the first time – right here on cape cod at the Cahoon Museum of American Art. His vibrant array of Cape Cod scenes, most in his beloved Dennis – dominate the new grand gallery on the first floor. But, step upstairs and you can take a journey through New York City and Peeksill, New York as well as his native Italy.



Sarah Johnson, director of the Cahoon, gracioulsy allowed to share some of Moro’s art on exhibit. Just enough to whet your appetite and encourage a visit of your own.



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