Eco-System Explorers for Kids

17 Jun Eco-System Explorers for Kids

How do horseshoe crabs survive on the mudflats? What do birds do when it rains? What kind of tracks does a raccoon leave? Long Pasture’s Ecosystem Explorers program will uncover the answers to these questions and many more this summer as kids learn about the incredible environments at Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary.

During this multi-week program, learn about butterflies, horseshoe crabs, frogs, trees and marshes as naturalist Andrea Higgins conducts field experiments and crafts that will get you thinking like a biologist and a nature-inspired artist! Make T-Shirt prints, net turtles, discover horseshoe crabs and catch frogs as your explore different habitats each week and learn about Cape Cod’s amazing animals.

It’s every Thursday between 10 am and 11:30 am at Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary

Week 1: Mudflat Explorations
June 29
Description: Learn the ABCs of the mudflats as you search for crabs, worms and fish. Find out how these animals survive in the sand especially when the tide goes out!

Week 2: Butterfly Walk in the Garden
July 6
Description: Make sun-print T-Shirts using flowers and woodland plants after exploring the meadows for butterflies and caterpillars. Participants should bring a dark T-Shirt to the program.

Week 3: Wild Marshes of Long Pasture
July 13
Description: Wavy green cordgrass grows all around and waves in the summer wind. Survey the marsh and learn about its plants and animals. How does the marsh serve as a nursery for young fish and crustaceans?

Week 4: What Lives in a Pond?
July 20
Description: Find out what lives in Cape Cod’s ponds! Follow naturalist Andrea Higgins on a journey into the water as she nets creatures and checks out a turtle trap.

Week 5: Amazing Horseshoe Crabs!
July 27
Description: Explore the fascinating world of horseshoe crabs to find out how they live and why their blood is blue! These living fossils have a lot to say about what it means to be the OLDEST creature around! Bring a T-Shirt to make a molt rubbing.

Week 6: Life on the Farm
August 3
Description: Farming is hard work! Weed a row and make mini-greenhouses with farmer Cynthia Cole and learn what grows at Wannabee Farm.

Week 7: Whose tracks are those?
August 10
Description: Learn to read the stories that creatures can tell us through their footprints and scat, also known as tracks.  We’ll go on a hike together to uncover the secrets left behind by the creatures of Long Pasture such as coyotes, otter, and deer.  Afterwards, use your new found knowledge and special tracking stamps to tell your own animal story on a large piece of paper or bring a t-shirt to decorate.

Week 8: Pool Party at Long Pasture
August 17
Description: Cape Cod’s vernal pools are full of life – but you have to look closely. As field biologists, get down in the mud with invertebrates and amphibians to learn how they live in these unique freshwater habitats.

Week 9: Twitter in the Trees
August 24
Description: Birds sing in the trees at Long Pasture and fly from branch to branch. A Nuthatch climbs along using its talons while a chickadee sings its song. Explore the woods and make necklaces out of forest cuttings, paint with pine needles and learn some important bird songs!


Instructor Bio:

Andrea L. Higgins, an outdoor enthusiast, and lover of beautiful Cape Cod, began working as a Teacher Naturalist with Audubon’s Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary in 2012. She whole-heartedly enjoys teaching about the wonders of vernal pools, marshes, horseshoe crabs and everything related to the diverse ecosystems of the Audubon sanctuaries.  Andrea loves learning and has enjoyed seminars, trainings and courses at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University and Audubon’s Naturalist trainings as well as piles of books, articles on natural history, marine biology and the environment.

When not bounding about the sanctuary, Andrea can also be found leading Sandy Neck Jr Ranger programs, Hiking Adventures, Outdoor Adventures and Girls Jr. Naturalist programs with the Barnstable Recreation Department.  Andrea is a Naturalist with Barnstable Harbor Ecotours, a kayak guide and naturalist with Great Marsh Kayaking. She is also an oyster farmer in Barnstable Harbor and serves as crew, Captain and Naturalist with Wingman Sports fishing and naturalist with Hyline/ Audubons Aquatic Explorations.

Andrea feels deeply appreciative for the opportunity and gift of sharing her passionate enthusiasm of Cape Cod and the environment.

Suitable for kids 5 to 1o years old.

Members: Adult $7.00, Child $5.00

Nonmembers: Adult $9.00, Child $7.00

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